Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…2003. I’ve been able to take a few spare minutes to catch Sox games on mlb.tv recently and I’ve been a little bit shocked at what I’ve seen. Quite suddenly, in the two months since I left DC for South Carolina the Sox feature a lineup that includes unfamiliar names like Roberts and Cabrera, and Mientkiewicz. The pitchers include Myers and Adams and – my word is that Ramiro Mendoza?

We’re Nomarless so the so-called heart and soul of the team may be gone, but is anyone really worried? Pedro sports a bulky ERA but does it matter? Trot Nixon is an afterthought but have we missed him in the second half? The latest surge has the trappings of the ’03 Cowboy Sox. To wit – one run wins, late inning rallies, clutch hits, quirky celebrations (I love Pedro’s bat). September is coming. Can anyone wait?

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