Sunday, July 18, 2004

That was last year. It was like looking into the past as the Sox thumped the Angels 6-2 in Anaheim today. David Ortiz hit a big three-run blast in the 6th inning to reverse a 1-0 deficit. The Sox scored all six of their runs late. It was the kind of offensive performance that made last season so memorable.

It was an important win for the Sox who have been stuck in a funk for months and risked falling into oblivion or disarray with another loss. If there’s such a thing as clutch hitting – because every hit is clutch, no? – the Sox had it today. You get good hitting when you have a good lineup, and even with Manny Ramirez out of the game, the lineup still seemed potent with Ortiz and Nomar Garciaparra swinging hot bats.

If you want to discuss clutch pitching Curt Schilling’s performance today should have been part of the equation. Schilling stood up for his beleaguered teammates not only by pitching a whale of a game, but also by plunking Bengie Molina in defence of Nomar who was hit by a pitch earlier.

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