Saturday, May 15, 2004

That's Arroyo. Magical weekend matinee baseball returned to Red Sox Nation today. There are certain afternoon Sox games that I remember vividly. Sam Horn hit his first major league homer in '87 on a Saturday afternoon. I remember hearing the call on the radio, riding with my mother on Route 9 in Westboro, Mass. I was ten years old. I was at Fenway on an afternoon in '88 or '89 when Carlos Quintana hit a couple of doubles. He was maybe 22 or 23, it was in one of his first major league starts and the future looked bright. And more recently, I drove from Shrewsbury to Middlebury, Vermont in the summer of '98 when Mike Benjaman hit a couple of big flies to hoist the Sox back into the pennant race.

These big moments for unlikely heroes fill Red Sox nation with hope. The environment of today's game, played on turf and in a dome and far from Fenway, did nothing to dampen my spirits. The Kevin Youkilis homer and the performance of Bronson Arroyo are enough to make this Sox fan sing…

When you shut out the Jays on the fifteenth of May
That's Arroyo!


Thursday, May 13, 2004

On Knucklers and Knuckling Under. Ben McGrath pens a witty and informative piece on knuckleballs and the men who throw them in this week's New Yorker magazine. The article is full of insights from Tim Wakefield, Doug Mirabelli, Sox farmhand Charlie Zink and others.

Meanwhile, Jackie MacMullan pitches in with an excellent article in this morning's Globe on the emerging tragedy of BK Kim's wasted talent.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

BK Whopper. Republished from my inbox without the permission of the author (but I don’t think he will mind).

Tuesday May 11, 2004, 12:09 pm...
Boston, Mass.

You know Matt, I've never listened to Paul Harvey. Not once. I know he
has 77 squillion worldwide listeners or something like that, but I've
never tuned in. What frequency do you hear him on?

You may have solved a mystery but one still plagues me: why oh why does
your email address capitalize itself? This is currently the most
perplexing thing in my life, on a par with the astonishing terribleness
of B. K. Kim's pitching for the Sox. I can't understand either.


Geez, those are fighting words. BK's goning to get himself run right out of town.

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